Ivan Tkalin

I’m a software engineer. I solve problems.

  • Broadcasting your rhythmbox in ubuntu 11.10

    Once I decided to setup my rhythmbox broadcasting into local network (so my wife or home media player could connect and listen), and didn’t find any comprehensive guide, so I decided to write my own when I managed to configure it. I found a couple rhythmbox plugins for that, but they didn’t work for me, so I stopped on icecast plus darkice. Installing and configuring icecast Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia.

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  • Calling GNOME/KDE default application from NERDTree

    Sometimes it is really nice to be able to call system default application for file or directory from vim. For example open Document Reader for a pdf file or browse directory with images with Nautilus. I didn’t find working solution for NERDTree, which I use for file system navigation in vim, so I wrote simple plugin for it. What it does, it simply creates new menu item e(x)ecute in NERDTree menu, which executes system default application for selected file or directory.

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  • Navigating your Rails project codebase with vim

    When you work with source code, it is always nice to have the abilty to quickly jump to class/method definitions for either your own code or code from one of your ruby gems. This articles describes how to do this in vim with exuberant ctags, guard, and guard-ctags-bundler. Tags A tag is an identifier that appears in a “tags” file. It is a sort of label that can be jumped to.

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